The Tough Shots Tour is a scratch bowling tournament for youth bowlers in the Southeast US.  The mission of the TST is to qualify youth bowlers to compete at the Junior Gold Championships.

Who can participate?

Any youth bowler who has not turned 18 prior to August 1 is eligible to bowl. The tournament is broken down into 5 divisions: U12, U15 boys, U15 girls, U18 boys and U18 girls. If there are not enough bowlers in a division, they may be combined with another division.

8/1/09 or later U12
8/1/06 – 7/31/09 U15
8/1/03 – 7/31/06 U18

How many tournaments are run for each season?

There are 7-8 tournaments per season.

What fees are required to participate?

Entry Fee – every bowler is required to purchase an entry fee.

Sanction – every bowler is required to pay the $4 sanction fee for youth bowlers.

Junior Gold Sanction – every bowler is required to purchase a Junior Gold sanction. The sanction can be purchased through your local youth league or at | Membership. This is required prior to participation in any TST tournament.

TST Membership Fee – all bowlers attempting to qualify for Junior Gold are required to pay a membership fee. The membership fee covers the expense for the Junior Gold entry fee.

U12 – $100

U15 – $150

U18 – $200

How do I register for the tournament?

Approximately 2-3 weeks before the tournament date entries will open. Entries are purchased online at Home | Tough Shots Tour ( Entries close the Wednesday prior to the tournament date. If the tournament is sold out, you can request a spot on the wait list by emailing the bowlers name to [email protected].

What is the format for the tournament?

Current format is six games of qualifying followed by single elimination match play.

What type of lane conditions can I expect if I bowl in a TST tournament?

All tournaments are bowled on a sport shot pattern. The pattern is revealed upon completion of the tournament.

How do I qualify for match play?

The cut (how many bowlers advance after qualifying) is determined by the number of bowlers in each division. For example, if there are 12 bowlers the top 8 will qualify for match play.

What is the dress code?

Preferred dress is a shirt with a collar and slacks or docker style pants. Bowlers may wear a collarless shirt if it has bowling related logo.

Girls MAY wear shorts, skorts, or skirts that comply with Junior Gold National guidelines. All skirts must be at least as long as the finger tips reach when arm is resting at your side.

Tee-shirts that do not have bowling type logo will not be allowed. Blue jeans may not be worn. No hats, caps or head covering, cut off shirts, football jerseys, cut off pants, shorts (boys), ragged, dirty clothing or clothing that may be considered offensive to anyone shall be worn in competition or on the bowling centers property at any time.

How do I earn scholarship money?

Scholarship money is awarded based on where you place in the tournament. Scholarship money is paid out at a ratio of 1:4. For example: If there are 8 bowlers in a division the top 2 will receive scholarship money. If there are 9 bowlers in a division the top 3 will receive scholarship money. All scholarship money is deposited into the bowler’s SMART account.